Ariana Grande Booty

Ariana Grande (born 26 June 1993) is an award-winning American singer and actress whose huge fan base includes tweens and young adults. Her sultry beauty and petite figure coupled with her vocal range and dance talent have made her a superstar in her own right – and it certainly pays to have the tiny but tight Ariana Grande booty as she performs on stage in her sexy and glam outfits!

Below are the latest Ariana Grande (Ariana Grande-Butera) measurements:


Booty Box

Weight:105 pounds
Waist:24 inches
Booty Size:32 inches
Booty Form:Natural
Booty Rate:9.0

Social Media

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Working with A Tiny But Tight Asset

Ariana began her professional career when she performed in the Broadway musical 13, a performance that garnered her praises for her vibrant performance. Her first major Hollywood break was when she landed the role of Cat Valentine on Victorious, a popular Nickelodeon television series, in 2009.

Her rise to fame including her personal life continues to be recorded on various tabloids, teen and music magazines, and online gossip sites, among others. She has appeared in several theatre, television and films including lending her voice to animated shows as well as performed in concerts, either as a guest performer or as headliner.

For a petite person, she has a powerful voice with critics comparing her vocal range to Mariah Carey. Ariana’s hit songs include The Way, Problem, Love Me Harder, Bang Bang, and Break Free. Her awards include New Artist of the Year, Best Pop Video, and Best Female from various award-giving bodies, aside from her Grammy nominations.

And her tiny but tight Ariana Grande booty is a source of love and hate among her fans and critics. In 2014, she showcased a bow-covered booty for her Santa Tell Me holiday single, which her fans loved.

But she has also been criticized for it by Internet bullies who asked, “What’s she shaking though?”. Her sassy response: “I’m shaking my pretty, cute and petite ass next to Nicki’s pretty, big booty. Both are (expletive) awesome.” And it really is awesome!

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