J Lo Booty

J. Lo, born Jennifer Lynn Lopez, is one of the greatest American music performers of all time. She is also an actress, fashion designer, dancer and author. Her fame started in the 1997 film “Selena” and found success and many other Hollywood films including Anaconda. She became a bankable movie star and even became the highest paid actress in Hollywood. Of course, it does not hurt to have a fabulous J Lo Booty like she does.

Below are the latest J Lo measurements:


Booty Box

Weight:130 pounds
Waist:26-27 inches
Booty Size:37 inches
Booty Form:Natural
Booty Rate:9.0

Social Media

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Her Bootylicious Career

She also made a buzz on the internet when people found out she took out an insurance for her butt. But hey, that seems sensible enough; it’s after all important to take good care of such a prized possession and even protect it with multi-million dollar insurance policy. Apparently, J Lo’s booty is insured for $27 million.

Last year, she recorded a dance track titled “Booty” which was written by her, along with Cory Rooney, Benny Medina and Cris Brown. Critics gave favorable reviews to the music especially when it was remixed with Iggy Azalea, replacing Pitbull. Together with Azalea, J Lo Booty was shown in revealing swimsuits. Their hot performance in the American Music Awards in last November impressed the critics. But she cannot please everybody. Lately, it is reported that our favorite J Lo is under investigation after her booty-shaking performance in Morocco which, according to news shocked the Prime Minister of this conservative country.

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