Meagan Good Booty

Let’s face it. “Good” is not a good enough word to describe the attention-grabbing, fully-rounded, itching-to-be-slapped Meagan Good booty. But Meagan is not just all about her booty because she is an accomplished actress and film producer in her own right.

Meagan Good (born 8 August 1981) began her professional career at the tender age of 4. With her gorgeous looks, she has appeared in numerous television shows, music videos, and commercials as well as feature films.

Below are the latest Meagan Good (Meagan Monique Good) measurements:


Booty Box

Weight:126 pounds
Waist:24 inches
Booty Size:36 inches
Booty Form:Natural
Booty Rate:9.4

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When Good Is Not Good Enough

Her best-known role was as Parker on The Game, a hit series on BET. She made her film debut via another hit, Friday, and then appeared in Eve’s Bayou where she was recognized for her brilliant acting via her first nomination from NAACP.

Meagan is one of the few child actors whose transition to being an adult actor was virtually seamless, a rarity in Hollywood where child actors either fall off the grid or fade into obscurity. She continues to land several major adult roles including her roles with Biker Boyz, Deliver Us From Eva, and Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.

And her Meagan Good booty has nothing to do with her acting talents although we can say that it makes our days better just by looking at it. Somewhere between her cute days as Nickelodeon mainstay and sexy days today, her booty has grown with everything else about her – and in a good way, too. She is known for wearing clothes from jeans to gowns that showcase her groovy booty that, when viewed from the side, is as impressive as her lush boobies.

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