Nicki Minaj Booty

Nicki Minaj, born as Onika Tanya Maraj, is a talented Trinidadian-born American who popularized “Anaconda,” “Super Bass,” and “Starships.” She has several singles that made it to the biggest billboard hits. But last year, it was really Nicki Minaj booty that shocked everyone online as she shows off her fabulous behind on the “Anaconda” video where she did a lot of shaking and twerking. But she is not known just for her big booty, obviously as she is one of the world’s great artists! She sings, raps and even writes songs. She is also one of the most-followed musician on social media.

Below are the latest Nicki Minaj (Onika Tanya Maraj) measurements:


Booty Box

Weight:137 pounds
Waist:30 inches
Booty Size:40 inches
Booty Form:Enhanced
Booty Rate:9.5

Social Media

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Are We Going To Miss Nicki Minaj Booty?

Minaj initially felt obliged to show a provocative image because it is the “thing” in the industry. However, she has proved that she is more than just sex appeal as she is a great artist and can compete even with male rappers.

The “Anaconda” singer was once referred to as “black Lady Gaga” because of her outlandish costumes during performances. Her rapping style was also compared to Lil Wayne because of some similarities in their work. Lately, she was compared to Kim Kardashian, who made a lot of noise in her magazine cover where she showed her big butt. Both ladies are blessed with huge bums and it’s making rounds on the internet but some critics are saying that the butt exposures were way too much.

As of late, Minaj is no longer showing much bum. She is keeping it low and goes for a more natural look to the point that many of her fans expressed disbelief and disappointment. But of course that does not mean you won’t find photos of Nicki Minaj booty online anymore.

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