Rihanna Booty

Rihanna, born as Robyn Rihanna, is a Barbadian performer. She is an actress-singer, songwriter, actress, and fashion designer. Her prominence began in 2005 when both of her debut album and follow-up album (“Music of the Sun” and “A Girl Like Me”, respectively) landed in the Top Ten in the US Billboard Chart. As expected, her single “Umbrella” made her even more popular. Her highly publicized on and off relationship with artist Chris Brown has also made her career even more intriguing. While her being a great performer amazed many people in the music industry and fans, there is one thing that makes her stand out, her very own Rihanna booty.

Below are the latest Rihanna (Robyn Rihanna Fenty) measurements:


Booty Box

Weight:124 pounds
Waist:24 inches
Booty Size:36 inches
Booty Form:Natural
Booty Rate:9.4

Social Media

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Still Not Enough to Address Her Insecurities

But with such a perfect body, nobody imagined that the “Umbrella” superstar also has body hang-ups. You would not imagine that her asset, her booty, is actually her greatest insecurity. She even consider herself to have a “flat” butt. Although she flashes selfies in her social media accounts in bikinis, she is still not satisfied with what she is flaunting. She wants it bigger and says she always wishes that it gets bigger every day. She’s obsessed to have a perfect body including a huge butt.

Just like us, she also has insecurities. She hates it when she loses weight as she also loses her booty and doing some workouts because she wants it back. Early this year, she mentioned that she will need to wear butt pads in case she will perform with J.Lo in a music video. Everybody was shocked hearing her sentiments because she is just like many of us, even if she’s gifted with an almost perfect body, there remain some insecurities.

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