Selena Gomez Booty

Selena Gomez (born 22 July 1992) has grown up before our eyes! She was a cute teenager in the Wizards of Waverly Place television series where she played the lead role (Alex Russo). She has starred in several kid-friendly television shows and movies including Another Cinderella Story, Princess Protection Program, and Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie. But it’s the Selena Gomez booty in swimsuit bottoms and butt-baring shorts that we all love to see nowadays.

Below are the latest Selena Gomez (Selena Marie Gomez) measurements:


Booty Box

Weight:130 pounds
Waist:28 inches
Booty Size:35 inches
Booty Form:Natural
Booty Rate:9.0

Social Media

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When There’s More to Love

Who would have thought that the precocious kid on Barney and Friends would grow up to be the sultry yet innocent siren with the come-hither appeal singing Come and Get It? Selena has transitioned from being a child actress with precocious roles under her belt to a young adult actress with more daring roles in films like Spring Breakers.

And that film gave the world plenty of opportunities to admire Selena’s blossoming body, which was filling in all the right places. It’s no wonder then that Justin Bieber was enamoured of her especially when Selena’s innocent yet sultry looks were added to the picture.

And then there’s Selena’s V magazine cover, which showcased the young actress in a more mature light. The Heart Wants What It Wants singer has implicitly stated that she wants to move on from her Disney days – she posed for V magazine in nothing but a high-waisted, jeans-like booty swimsuit bottoms with her arms covering her boobies.

With her brunette locks styled in long curls, big hoop earrings, and polka-dot hair bow and vamp-rep lipstick, she was the picture of a young woman ready to conquer the world on her own terms. And yes, that perky Selena Gomez booty is on full display.

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